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Precision Marshall

Drill Rod

Drill Rod

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Renowned for their superior quality, exceptional finish, and tight tolerances, Precision Marshall offers over 1,600 standard diameters (including metric) and lengths of 3, 6, and 12 feet. Precision Marshall's unique polish guarantee means their drill rods can be used without additional grinding or polishing, making them ideal for heat treatment without further metal removal. With a focus on dimensional accuracy, spheroidization control, and lot uniformity, Precision Marshall drill rods provide reliable performance for a variety of applications, from general machining to specialized tool and die work

Key Features:

  • Diameters: All sizes between 1/16” to 3”, in increments of 1/64" (diameter ranges vary by grade)
  • Lengths: 3 feet, 6 feet, and 12 feet
  • Grades: W-1, O-1, A-2, S-7, D-2, H-13, M-2, 304L
  • Finish: 16 ra finish, guaranteed to be free of decarburization, seams, laps, pits, and other surface imperfections
  • Tolerance: Super tight tolerances of +/- .0005
  • Spheroidization: Guaranteed 90% minimum spheroidization for uniform machining and heat treatment response
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